Presenter Information

Oral Presentations:

All presenters will have 20 minutes to give their presentations followed by 5 minutes of questions. Laptops and projectors will be in all of the presentation rooms. If you would like to upload your presentation prior to arriving in Duluth, you may do so at the following file upload link Alternatively, you may bring your presentation on a flash drive to load onto a conference computer during check-in for the conference. To assist with organizing the talks into the proper sessions, please start your file name with your last name. If you are giving more than one talk, please distinguish each talk in the file name. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The conference program shows the moderator of each session. All presenters are kindly asked to arrive on time to the session room and confirm their presence to the moderator, whose task is to open the session and very briefly introduce the session's theme and the speakers. The moderator is responsible for keeping the session in time, e.g., with appropriate 5-minute and 1-minute reminders to the speakers and with controlling the time used for questions and answers after each presentation.


Poster Presentations:

Posters will presented on Monday July 8 from 12:45-13:00 in the August Fitger Room. Posters may be set up during conference check in on Sunday July 7, during conference check in on Monday July 8, and during the morning break on Monday July 8. We recommend posters be no larger than 42 inches wide by 40 inches high (107 cm by 102 cm). However, our poster display options are flexible. Please contact Madison Rodman at if you have questions regarding your poster size.