Plenary Presentations

Monday July 8, 9:30-10:30 and 11:00-12:00, Spirit of the North Theater

Family Forest Ownership Trends in the United States

Brett Butler, USDA Forest Service, Director, National Woodland Owner Survey

Dr. Butler will discuss recent results from the United States’ National Woodland Owner Survey, the largest survey of the large and diverse population of US family woodland owners. These results inform policy, outreach, and a variety of investments in the nation’s private forests.

Helping Family Forest Owners Provide Public Value from Private Lands

Steven W. Koehn, USDA Forest Service, Director, Cooperative Forestry

There are nearly 500 million acres of non-Federal forest land in the United States, comprising about 20 percent of the nation, and two-thirds of the nation's forests. Mr. Koehn will discuss how the US Forest Service’s Cooperative Forestry unit works with States, private landowners, and other partners to promote healthy forests and livable communities throughout the United States.

Bringing Private Landowners into Large Landscape Projects

Connie Cummins, USDA Forest Service Supervisor, Superior National Forest

Comprising about 3 million acres (1.25 million ha.), the Superior National Forest is home to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, over 2,000 lakes, and thriving populations of timber wolves, loons, and numerous other wildlife species. These lands are interspersed with other ownerships. Ms. Cummins will discuss the Superior National Forest's efforts, through the All Lands Initiative, to increase the impact and benefits of land management by engaging and coordinating with adjacent and nearby landowners.

Helping People Help the Land

Celie Borndal, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, NRCS State Forester for Minnesota

The Natural Resources Conservation Service administers a number of important conservation programs serving family woodland owners nationwide. As Minnesota’s NRCS state forester, Ms. Borndal will discuss how these programs advance conservation and sustainable management on the state’s private forest lands.

Counting the Rings

Alan Finifrock, Family Woodland Owner

Mr. Finifrock grew up in Minnesota, spent years as a teacher in remote Alaska, and has since returned to Minnesota to care for his family’s woodland. As an active land manager and member of the Minnesota Forestry Association, Mr. Finifrock will tell his personal story of caring for and managing his land.